Endovenous Laser Ablation

Quality assured minimally invasive
vein treatment

City Hospital Vein Clinic is part of the Laserveins national network of varicose vein clinics working with specialist company Rostra Healthcare Ltd.


The City Hospital Vein Clinic provides specialist advice, diagnosis, treatment and aftercare to enable you to make an informed choice about the best way to treat your varicose veins. The City Hospital Vein Clinic incorporates the Sunderland Vein Clinic.

There are many possible solutions to your varicose vein problems and the first step is to speak to one of our knowledgeable team and arrange a convenient consultation at the City Hospital Vein Clinic.

The City Hospital Vein Clinic is part of The City Hospital Sunderland NHS Foundation Trust which provides a wide range of hospital services to the local community along with an increasing range of more specialised services to patients outside this area.

Whilst the main focus of our services is acute, the Trust also provides a substantial range of community-based services.