City Hospital Vein Clinic is part of the Laserveins national network of varicose vein clinics working with specialist company
Rostra Healthcare Ltd.

How Much Will My Treatment Cost?

The total cost of your varicose vein treatment will vary greatly dependent upon which course of treatment your surgeon recommends for your varicose veins.

For patients with medical insurance, your policy may or may not cover the costs of your varicose vein treatment and you should check with them before you undertake any consultation or treatment.

For uninsured patients City Hospital Vein Clinic and some of our treatment centres are able to offer a number of fixed price treatment packages. These packages will include initial consultation, assessment and duplex ultrasound investigation, recommended treatment & follow up consultation.

City Hospital Vein Clinic is delighted to be able to provide examples of a number of fixed price treatment packages. It should be noted that these are for guideline only, a formal quote will be provided following your initial consultation. Not all of the clinics or provider partners of City Hospital Vein Clinic participate in fixed cost treatments.

Whilst City Hospital Vein Clinic are able to offer free initial consultation and assessment in a number of our clinics, on some occasions this may not be possible. You will always be advised prior to your appointment if this is the case.

Initial consultation £150 (usually free of charge)
Duplex ultrasound assessment £150 (usually free of charge)
Injection sclerotherapy From £150 (per treatment session)
Ultrasound guided foam sclerotherapy From £500 (per treatment session)
Endovenous laser therapy
(one leg)
From £1,500
Endovenous laser therapy
(both legs)
From £2,000
Radiofrequency Ablation
(one leg)
From £1,750
Radiofrequency ablation
(both legs)
From £2,250
Mechano-Chemical Ablation
From £2,000
Venaseal Non-Tumescent Superglue Treatment From £3,000

City Hospital Vein Clinic and Rostra Healthcare Ltd may be able to help arrange attractive finance to enable you to spread the cost of your treatment, please ask for details.