City Hospital Vein Clinic is part of the Laserveins national network of varicose vein clinics working with specialist company
Rostra Healthcare Ltd.

Compression Hosiery

Compression hosiery, or stockings, may relieve some or all of the symptoms of your varicose veins. They may hide veins and slow down deterioration or complications. They do not treat the cause of the varicose veins and they need to be worn every day – summer and winter.

Compression hosiery will need to be replaced every six months as the stretch in them will wear out. You must have your legs measured and fitted for the stockings as they are specially fitted to provide graduated support along the length of the leg.

Compression hosiery is most useful for patients with varicose veins that develop during pregnancy and patients who have varicose veins but don’t want or are unfit for surgery.

They do not treat the underlying cause of the varicose veins, but can be useful in some cases.

These treatments include: