City Hospital Vein Clinic is part of the Laserveins national network of varicose vein clinics working with specialist company
Rostra Healthcare Ltd.


Surgical treatment of varicose veins is the oldest and most established method of treatment. All varicose veins are suitable for surgery and unlike many of the newer techniques both legs will normally be treated together. The surgery will involve a general anaesthetic and may require a night in hospital.

Usually the surgeon will make a small incision in the groin and then a further incision in the lower leg. The varicose vein will then be stripped out using these incisions. At the same time, the surgeon may make several smaller stab incisions around the lower leg to remove the unsightly vein branches, especially in the calf area.

Following surgery your leg will be heavily bandaged and you are likely to require some time away from work to recover. The discomfort and bruising from the surgery will take several weeks to subside.

Around 30-50% of patients will suffer from recurrent varicose veins in the years following surgery.

Surgical treatment of your varicose veins is no longer the treatment of choice within the clinical guidelines published by the NICE and you should discuss the complications and potential implications of surgery carefully with your specialist before opting for surgery.

The Rostra Healthcare Group and Laserveins no longer offer surgery as a treatment option.